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If you’re interested in lowering your interest rate, taking equity out of your home for renovations, paying down debt, or switching to a different loan type, refinancing may be right for you.

Get started and see if you qualify to refinance with us.

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Be advised that refinancing your current mortgage may result in higher total finance charges over the life of the loan.

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Transform your finances in 2024

We work with you to meet you where you are.

Step 1: Let’s get to know you

We want to know your refinance goals and financial situation so we can match them to the right solutions for you.

Step 2: We analyze the numbers for you

We do the math based on your finances. Our technology makes it easy to provide those numbers without digging through paperwork.

Step 3: Review your options

You’ll understand your options and make the comparisons to make the best decision.

Step 4: Lock it in

We help you lock in your new interest rate without any delayed follow-up calls or unnecessary paperwork.

Step 5: You did it

You just completed the refinance process.

The steps listed are for illustrative purposes only and do not detail all the steps required to obtain a mortgage loan. By refinancing your current mortgage, your finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan


A simple online process


Our payment calculator helps you estimate your monthly mortgage payment based on the home price, down payment, loan term, and interest rate.


Start Your Pre-Qualification

See if you can get pre-qualified. It’s the first step in the home loan process, so gather your documents like income verification and bank statements to make this process smoother.
(Submitting verification documents is not required and you are not obligated to provide any until you receive a Loan Estimate and indicate an intent to proceed. This step is designed to simplify the pre-approval process should you choose to continue.)


Buy a Home

Securing a pre-qualification is an important first step in understanding what loan amount and product may suit your budget and needs, but it is not a guarantee of loan availability or approval. To move forward, once you have an accepted offer on a home, the next crucial step is to complete a full loan application. 

VRM Lending LLC is not affiliated with or acting on behalf of or at the direction of the FHA, VA, or the Federal Government.

Getting a mortgage starts here.

Start here and answer a few questions to see what you might qualify for. Feel confident in getting started without the pressure or commitment.

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