Do Not Call Policy

VRM Lending LLC is committed to protecting and respecting consumers’ rights to privacy. VRM Lending LLC may use telephone, email or regular mail as an important way to stay in contact and communicate with our consumers and our potential consumers in the community. A good relationship with the community is a necessary ingredient of our success, and in keeping with state and federal laws, it is the policy of this company that we will not initiate telephone solicitations to any person who has indicated a desire not to receive such calls, unless an exception applies, (i.e., a consumer’s prior express invitation or consent.). This includes those who have registered with state or federal “Do Not Call lists,” as well as those who have previously told us directly that they do not wish to receive such calls and placed on our “Internal Do Not Call List”.

VRM Lending LLC, therefore, has established and implemented written procedures to honor consumers’ requests that they not be called. Appropriate personnel receive training in policies and procedures related to consumer privacy protection and best practices for Do Not Call guidelines. Our procedures require that appropriate personnel must verify the consumers’ right to privacy is upheld by checking the National and State Do Not Call Registries and Internal Do Not Call list prior to making any telephone solicitation.

Consumers may make a request to be added to our Do Not Call list, through one of the following methods:

  • please contact us by telephone to 833-483-6333,
  • send an email to,
  • register your information on our internal Do Not Call List by writing to:

VRM Lending LLC
Compliance Department – Do Not Call List
4100 International Parkway, Suite 1000
Carrollton, TX 75007

All requests should include your name, address, and telephone number. Upon request, your information will be added to the internal Do Not Call list within shortest reasonable time of receipt of such request, not to exceed 30 days. Your telephone number will remain on our Internal Do Not Call list for 5 (five) years unless you specify otherwise. You must notify us of any changes in name or telephone number if you move or wish to place a new telephone number on our Internal Do Not Call list. Furthermore, you must notify us if there is more than one telephone line or number that you wish to place on the Internal Do Not Call list. This request is unable to add you to any Federal or State Do Not Call Registries and you must do that yourself for those to be updated.

Please keep in mind that regulations may permit VRM Lending LLC to contact you even if your telephone number is registered with your state or the national list. For instance, if you were a consumer of VRM Lending LLC in the past 18 months, we may contact you to inform you regarding changes in your account or to inform you of an opportunity, even if your telephone number is on the state or national “do not call” list. Generally, telephone calls to consumers with whom VRM Lending LLC has an established business relationship are permitted, unless they have asked to be included on the Internal Do Not Call list.

Consumers have additional avenues available to them which will help reduce or eliminate unwanted telephone solicitations. Consumers may place their telephone number(s) on the National Do Not Call Registry online at The Direct Marketing Association also offers a free service called “DMAChoice”. Consumers may register for this service online here or by sending a written request as indicated on their website. Consumers may also check if their state has a similar registry.

Consumers may request a copy of this Policy. Upon receipt of request, VRM Lending LLC will send a copy via U.S. mail or electronic mail within a reasonable time period of thirty (30) days.